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How Real Estate Videography is Changing the Market


In this guide we will learn how real estate videography is changing the market.

Every real estate agent knows that the key to success and getting good deals on a property for sale is by making a great first impression. The age-old practice of taking random shots of the property and showing it to potential buyers is not effective anymore. Most people who are looking for property listings and have purchased homes and commercial properties previously know that the real estate photos on listings aren’t always accurate. Photographs alone cannot convey the neighborhood vibe, the light quality, or the unique characteristics of the property.

If you really want your property to stand out in the modern real estate industry, you need to opt for real estate video. Real estate video marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends in the U.S. real estate market. While photographs are a great way to capture specific features of the property, videography takes it to a whole new level by providing a more authentic impression of the property.

Benefits of Real Estate Videography:

Here are some of the top benefits of real estate videography and how it is changing the market.

Better Advertising

The first benefit of real estate videography is better advertising.

Videos are a much better way of advertising the property. Instead of going through long descriptions about the property or scrolling through dozens of photographs, the potential buyers can just watch a few minutes of a video to get a better idea of all the features and amenities of the property. Videos can also show all aspects of the property clearly while giving a better idea of the space and lighting.

Increased Activity

The unique and immersive experience of real estate videography is a great way of attracting more potential buyers. According to a recent survey, real estate agencies that use videography on their websites to showcase properties get a 400% increase in inquiries compared to listings with only photographs or descriptions. They also stand a better chance of getting a good price for the property and sell it quicker.

Creates Trust

One of the most important things in the real estate industry is establishing trust. Helping clients buy or rent properties involves gaining their trust and proving your integrity. Videos are a great way of showcasing all aspects of the property without brushing it up to impress the buyer. They are also a great way of portraying the seller’s accomplishments and skills by adding introductions and other properties in the video.

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