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How to Take Listing Photos


Well, there’s no doubt that a listing without pictures doesn’t attract as much attention as the one with high-quality pictures. However, taking great pictures of a home is an art and isn’t something everyone with a mobile phone can do. Whether you’re a person looking to sell your own home or an agent, making a big first impression is key – and pictures are probably your only opportunity to make this happen.

Of course, numerous homebuyers kickstart their home search online, taking no more than a couple of seconds to pass up homes without any pictures. Why? Well, assume you’re looking to purchase a new home. You start browsing listings, some of them with no pictures. Would you even think of clicking the listing without any pictures? We doubt it. Most people won’t do that because questions like, ‘why doesn’t this house have any picture, what’s wrong with the house?’ will clutter their minds. This is exactly why pictures are an integral component of real estate listings.

Here’s our real estate photography expert in Tarrant County guiding you on how to take incredible listing photos.

How to Take Listing Photos:

1. Take loads of pictures

Thanks to digital cameras, taking as many pictures as you want is possible. So, use this opportunity to take tons of pictures, and experiment with various camera settings and lots of angles. Now, review the pictures once you’re done, and select the ones that present your property in the best light.

2. Don’t misrepresent your home

Yes, your aim should always be to make your property look as beautiful as possible, but ensure you’re not misleading buyers. For example, you can make the rooms in your house look deceptively large by taking a picture with a wide-angle lens. While the buyers may love the size of rooms in the picture, they’ll be disappointed after the actual visit because the pictures didn’t tell the true story.

3. Choose the best compositions and angles

Try shooting from a doorway or corner. This is one of the best ways to show off a room as it would include as much of the room as possible. This doesn’t just offer context but makes a room appear spacious. When taking pictures of your home’s exterior, don’t stand straight on, but at an angle. This would allow buyers to see the depth of your home. Try not to photograph objects that obscure your home, for example, wires and poles.

4. Use as much natural lighting as you can

Turn on all the lights and open the curtains to make a room look open and bright. Don’t rely too much on the built-in flash of the camera – it reflects off windows and mirrors, and creates unattractive shadows. In addition, don’t take photos at night or on rainy days as they’ll produce gloomy pictures. When taking exterior shots, wait for an overcast day because the sun wouldn’t be casting shadows on your property.

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