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Getting the Lighting Right for Real Estate Photography: A Guide


Professional photography is like painting still life. Just as you have to paint what is reflected in a particular light, you have to create the light in real estate photography and then somehow capture it.

Keep reading to find out how we manage to make even the dourest properties look attractive by the sheer power of light.

Tips For Real Estate Photography Lighting:

Avoid Color Casts at All Costs

First lighting tip for real estate photography is that avoid color casts.

The best way to steer clear of color casts is by using a single source of light. We prefer shooting during the day because that’s when the sun is out in full force.

We let it light up the room and switch off the interior lights to avoid inconsistencies in the light’s tint.

Use the Perfect Angle to Mitigate Shadows

A downside of shooting with the sun is that you get a lot of shadows. However, you can avoid this with a bit of maneuvering and flash-use.

We know what we said: avoid color casts. But you can always turn down the power on your flash enough to eliminate the shadows.

As for the angle, use the ceiling as a reflector. When taking the photo, point the bulb up or use a radio trigger for preciseness. This should take care of the shadows.

Maintain Consistency

Your lighting source could be the sun, the light fixtures inside the property, or a combination of the two, but they should never be all three at the same time. Whichever light you initially choose, make sure it stays the same across the board.

This way, when prospective buyers view your property on MLS, it will be easier on the eyes. Less whiplash-y and more on-the-ball and regal.

Fake Natural Light

Last lighting tip for real estate photography is that fake natural light.

The day you schedule for a real estate photography session might be a rainy one. Even when it’s not, a room can be located away from natural light. Such times call for some serious improv and hardcore photoshop.

Point your camera at the wall with the window, and take a flash shot. Then take another one without flash. Use photoshop to remove the bright spot from the flash and make it look like natural light coming through the window.

Voila! ‘Natural’ light.

Nail the Lighting with Real Estate Photography in Tarrant County

Here’s the thing: no one will attend a viewing of a house that doesn’t photograph well. However, our photographers need only skill to make real estate look attractive.

If you have residential or commercial real estate that won’t sell, our photography services can give it a makeover using top-notch lighting to their advantage.

Contact us if you have any questions about real estate videography or photography.

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