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Why Real Estate Shot with Drone Photography Sells Better?


If Google Maps has taught us anything, everything is more visible when you change the angle. It’s saved us a lot of time and fuel, and with new walls being erected on roads, we need visibility now more than ever before. This is why we have taken to the skies and is the very reason we prefer to see everything from an aerial view, even real estate.

Here is why drone videography or photography for commercial and residential real estate is key to marketing.

Benefits Real Estate Drone Photography:

Property Juxtaposed with Locale

There’s a reason real estate costs differ in every neighborhood. It’s hardly ever about the property itself and more about the area where it’s located.

For example, a house would be considerably cheaper in an area with a high crime rate and a lot more expensive if it were near the subway.

The proximity of real estate to airports, parks, and tourist attractions can easily be labeled and shown in drone photography. It justifies the market value of a property and makes it more attractive to a prospective buyer.

A Three-Dimensional View of the Property

Second benefit of real estate drone photography is that a three-dimensional view of the property.

When you look at typical shots of a property, they give you a 2D view of everything. For instance, you can see the front yard and door, but you cannot view what the roof looks like, not unless you get up there yourself, and certainly not without professional drone photography.

With drone shots, you can get a better look at the house; if you happen to like it, you go in for viewing; if you don’t, then it will actually save you from a futile visit.

Makes A Real Estate Virtual Tour Possible

Thanks to some quality drone videography, you can view the house from the inside out and even see everything close up and panned out.

A well-directed video tour of a property gives you a better idea about whether you want to show interest in it. It makes it possible for you to see how real estate looks from a bird’s eye view and if there is something in the area with which you may have a problem.

Beats Satellite Imagery

Last benefit of real estate drone photography is that beat satellite imagery.

Sure, you can just view the property on Google Maps, but the quality will hardly do it justice. Instead of forming an opinion based upon a couple of hazy images, it’s better to hire a professional photographer and do right by the building and get the most ROI on it.

Aerial Real Estate Photography in Frisco, TX

Our photographers have had years of experience with architectural photo and videography. What sets us apart from the rest is our willingness to try innovations in real estate photography.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial real estate, so if that’s what you deal in, we can guarantee you unprecedented returns with our aerial shots.

Make an online booking for the best photoshoot in Dallas County.

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